Its over!


Lee4Surreal, insane, exhausting and the most rewarding four years of my life. Here’s to all the other brave little satellites setting their own trajectories- it was oh so worth it.


Daily Doodle: Drawing Myself out of Drawing Jail

If you’re an artist or just plain artsy you’ve probably gotten yourself into drawing jail. Its like a writer’s block but with bars and bailiffs and Judge Judy all in your head telling you that there’s only one way to draw and you better do it. Its a creativity lock-down. The only way out is to do something different and the only way to do something different is to get uncomfortable. I upped my discomfort by laying down blotches of watery gouache and went to town with a Kuretake #8 pen.

Different is good.

Sweatsuit Boys

sweatsuitboyandcave sweatsuitboys



What I’m Using

I got some new toys!

Kuretake ZIG Clean Color Brush Pens, Kuretake No. 8 Brush Pen, Pentel Pocket Brush Pen, Windsor Newton Designer’s Gouache, Prismacolor Turquoise Graphite Pencils, and Koh-I-Noor Graphite and Graphite Holder.


It’s time to get dancin’!

Update: Worry Wart

The nextย lookย at the first three monsters of another new series, Worry Wart.ย This collection is a guidebook to help minimize anxiety by personifying and poking fun at worries.

bigpicmonster Heavymonster fatbeastmonster