How To: Tie Celtic Bar Knots

How To Tie Celtic Bar Knots

This is a How To post relating to my “Clan Mulhall” fiber sculpture.

If you were interested in how tie Celtic Bar knots then this is the post for you!

Things you will need

  1. Some sort of string, rope, ribbon etc.
  2. Hands
  3. Dexterity

Step 1. Get your rope!


Step 2. Bring rope ends together away from you and keep loop towards you



Step 3. open loop wide


Step 4. Push loop up and make a pair of rope legs


Step 5. Cross right end of string over left



Step 6. wrap right string under the left loop and left string over the right loop. bring both ends of string to the middle with the loops on the outside.



Step 7. Cross middle stringscb7


Step 8. Just like with the strings, bring the left loop under and the right loop over the strings. Now the strings are on the outside. Cross the loops.cb8


Step 9. Repeat with the outside strings and cross when finished. cb9


Keep repeating the process until you’ve run out of loop! insert the ends into the loops and pull gently to secure


How To: Create and Paint with Natural Stains

How to Paint with Natural Stains

I use natural stains quite a bit in my illustration work. They’re much more fun to layer than traditional watercolors and if you’re bad at keeping up with supplies like me, you can make stains from stuff just laying around!

The stains for this How To will be coffee, black tea, turmeric and hibiscus tea.


I like to mix 2 parts grounds to 1 part water in my French press, brew and let it sit with the grounds in the container for a couple days before I paint with it. The color is much richer and is great for layering

coffee coffeesplotch

Black Tea

Again I like to use as little water as possible and a strong black tea like an Irish or English Breakfast. Tea will make a much more yellow stain than the coffee and is a bit more transparent. A green tea will be even lighter and more yellow than a black tea.

tea teasplotch


Turmeric is the spice that gives curry its amazing and extremely permanent staining powers. It makes an almost neon yellow stain and leaves little bits of spice behind. It is an awesome stain and very opaque.

turmeric turmericsplotch

Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus Tea will stain everything you love with bright magenta splotches. The best hibiscus tea I have found to paint with is Tazo’s Passion Tea. Again, brew it with the least amount of water to make a concentrated stain.

hibiscus hibiscussplotch

Experiment and see what natural stains work for you. Got some food rotting in the fridge? Blend that mess up and paint with it!

Visionaries and Voices

Last week for my Professional Practices course, a group of my classmates and I went to a local studio/gallery space called Visionaries + Voices. I had no idea what Visionaries + Voices was and had no expectations for what would meet me when the door opened. We approached the building, a short brick building in historic Northside. The outside was unremarkable, barely noticeable from the street apart from the artistic sign above. We opened the door and were greeted by a small young woman with a learning disorder, beautiful artwork, a great smile  and quite a lot of sass! She and the studio director Jen showed us around their space which included a painting studio, drawing studio and ceramic studio. The facilities were huge and the artwork was amazing. Visionaries + Voices is not a teaching studio as Jen told us, but a place for the disabled artists to create in their own way. Visionaries + Voices was founded in 2001 and serves 150 artists with disabilities and presents five exhibitions a year including their most famous “Double Vision.” 

V+V is always looking for volunteers so apply today!


photo credit

Drawing, cookie eating, soup making, compost piling, tea drinking artist based in Cincinnati, Ohio.


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